Star Trek Online Uniforms Part 1

Ok, I haven’t been able to find anyone that has done the uniforms yet. All I have ever seen is the digital versions of the uniforms so I have decided to do some of my own.

Combadges (From left to Right): Starfleet, Marine, Starfighter

Flag Officers
From left to right: Admiral, General

Duty 1
From left to right: Command, Science/Medical, Services, Intel

Duty 2
From left to right: Marine, Starfighter, Diplomatic

Cadets 1
From left to right: Command Cadet, Science/Medical Cadet, Services Cadet, Intel Cadet

Cadets 2
From left to right: Marine Cadet, Starfighter Cadet, Diplomatc Cadet

Flight suits
From left to right: Shuttle Pilot, Marine Pilot, Starfighter

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